Cold-Brewed Drinks for Summer

For an easy, tasty, refreshing way to golopomo in the summer, cold-brew your drinks!

Today's cold-brewed tea blend - rooibos with lemon and herbs

Coffee – Mix ground coffee beans with water in a jar. I use roughly three tablespoons ground coffee in the bottom of a pint jar, then fill the jar with water. Stir the coffee and water together, put a lid on it, and let it sit at room temperature or in the fridge overnight. When ready to drink, strain the grounds out and pour your coffee over ice. You can add a little water if it’s too strong, or cream, or whatever. There’s a more official recipe here, but I wouldn’t follow their advice about mixing equal parts coffee concentrate and water. Too weak.

Tea/Tisane – This works the same way, and the combinations are endless! Fill a loose tea strainer with tea leaves as you would for brewing a pot of tea, but put the strainer in a lidded pitcher. Add herbs or fruit as desired. Fill the pitcher with water and cover with the lid. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight at room temperature or in the fridge, then pour over ice when ready to drink.

Mint is plentiful out my back door, so I’ve done both black tea with mint and green tea with mint. Today I used rooibos tea and added lemon wedges, and a couple sprigs each of pineapple sage and stevia which I had growing in pots. It is so refreshing! Not to mention sugar-free, cheap, easy, and free of packaging.

One fantastic thing about cold-brewing coffee or tea is that it is a very smooth brew, never bitter, even though you leave the strainer in overnight. I rarely sweeten either cold coffee or tea.

With both coffee and tea, you could make the process even simpler and use a French press. Enjoy your lopomo treat!


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