On a late winter day when the temperature reached 80 degrees Fahrenheit (last Saturday), I made this cool treat for my family and we enjoyed it on our shady front porch. Crazy.

The week before, I had bought a discounted bag of over-ripe bananas at the grocery store, peeled them, broken them in pieces (halves or thirds), put the pieces in ziploc bags, and put them in the freezer. We also had a bag of frozen strawberries. On our hot winter day, I combined a quart-bag of frozen bananas, the one-pound bag of frozen strawberries, and about a pint of runny, separated yogurt-ized almond milk (I had tried making yogurt with store-bought almond milk, but as my Internet research had suggested would probably happen, it failed).

Anyway, I threw all that in our high-performance blender, used the ice-crusher mode to break up the frozen fruit, then pureed it. I was planning for smoothies but got this sorbet-like consistency instead. And no one complained!

Now, this is an example of a “lopomo” compromise. The fruit had been stored in the freezer, the almond milk-yogurt was stored in the refrigerator, and I whizzed it all up in my blender. That’s three electric appliances used to make our treat (though the first two are always in use anyway).

But, since we made this at home, the packaging was (and could have been more) minimal. The ziploc for the bananas was reused, but the strawberries and the almond milk were store-bought, so they each had throwaway packaging involved. Maybe we’ll pick extra strawberries to freeze this summer, and experiment with making homemade almond milk.

Still, this is one healthy, delicious, affordable, easy-to-make treat you might want to try yourself!


About Julia Bloom

singer of songs, lover of words, asker of questions, runner of miles, mother of Lu&Si, darlin' of Nathan
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