An Easy Plastic Wrap Alternative!

What a practical and beautiful idea, as well as a crafty project I think even I (notoriously un-crafty lady) could pull off!

Our Teeny Beth Life

IMG_5913Maybe it’s because I’m 31 or maybe it’s because I have a daughter who’s future I contemplate or maybe it’s because the idea of being “green” seems to be more present these days than I ever remember…but my family and I have been trying to be more aware of earthly matters.  Mostly recycling and reusing.  It’s amazing the information you can read about landfills, the lengthy decomposition and hazards to humans and animals because of our wasteful and lax way of eating, living and just being.  Our earth is kind of precious.  It won’t last forever, so while we and It is still here, I say we do what we can to try and give it a boost in the right direction.  It’s not always easy or our first thought, but some pretty basic recycling and or alternatives can go a long way.  Ya just gotta be willing to remind…

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