Candy Day


With Halloween just past and the big holiday season on the horizon, all while life-as-normal goes on (treats regularly handed out to children all over the place) – I wanted to write today about our family’s method of dealing with candy.

At our house, Saturday is the day our kids receive their allowance – not just of money, but also of candy. We have an off-limits stash of candy – a candy bank, if you will – where the kids make deposits when they receive candy from everyday random sources, as well as from special occasions like trick-or-treating or parties.

On Saturday – aka Candy Day – a parent brings out the candy stash, and each kid, under watchful parental eyes, fills a jar with eight pieces of candy. (Hershey’s Kisses count as half a piece, and full-size candy bars are two pieces). When the candy jars are filled, the candy stash is put away in its off-limits place, and the candy jars are stored in a kid-accessible cupboard. The kids are free to eat their candy whenever they want throughout the week. Once it’s gone, no more until next Candy Day!

That’s the compromise our family has made on “the candy question.” We have tried other things including outlawing it entirely, but this is the method that has ultimately worked out best for us – the kids get sweet treats, and freedom to choose within some healthy constraints that we hope are helping them learn discipline, budgeting, and a sense of “enough.”

How about you? If you are in charge of children (or even just for yourself), how do you deal with candy?




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