What Can You Do With Produce Stickers?

Hey! Now maybe the kids will stop sticking these on each other! And one less little thing to go in the trash.

simple up

As I continue to look for ways to reduce plastic in my life, one that comes up are those little stickers on our produce.  I avoid stickers when possible by shopping farmers’ markets, but during fall to spring, I still get lots of produce (often with stickers) from the store or food co-op.  When one composts, you need to remove the sticker.

IMG_9564 Produce stickers tell us the country and often the state of origin of the food, which is important if you want to reduce your food miles.  And a 5-digit code that starts with a “9” informs us it is organic.

Last year I began to save my produce stickers as I heard in the book, “Plastic Free” by Beth Terry, that you can send them to a guy named Barry Snyder at Stickerman Produce Art.  Barry uses the produce stickers to make art.  He’s a guy from Erie, Colorado, who…

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