Who Threw My Cheese?

When we first set up house together – or, more specifically, I moved into the house Nathan had already been living in for a month – I discovered an unopened block of cheese in the fridge that was past its expiration date. I promptly threw it in the trash and went on with my day. Later, Nathan discovered the cheese in the trash (still unopened), retrieved it, maybe wiped it off, and put it back in the fridge.

Which of course prompted one of the first big fights of our marriage. I don’t remember what happened to the cheese. My guess is Nathan ate it and I avoided it.

Now I shop at a discount grocery store where I routinely buy foods past their “enjoy by” date – and enjoy them doubly because they taste fine and I saved money – or maybe triply because I also saved them from a trip to the landfill.

Here’s the latest episode of one of my favorite podcasts that investigates the story of all those dates stamped on food. Enjoy! (By . . . whenever).


About Julia Bloom

singer of songs, lover of words, asker of questions, runner of miles, mother of Lu&Si, darlin' of Nathan
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