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Cuddling Up With Winter

It’s dang cold. Butt-cold, Nathan calls it. Solid weeks of never climbing beyond single-digit degrees Fahrenheit here in icy Saint Paul. But over my many years surviving Minnesota winters, I’ve learned a thing or two and thought I’d share some … Continue reading

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The Dutch Reach

Now here’s a good idea for drivers to avoid “dooring” bicyclists. A simple shift in how you open the door when you park your car. This would be a good habit for everyone who drives or rides in a car to adopt … Continue reading

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The Mortgage Monster

Yesterday our family spent three hours building this: (The Lego monstrosity, I mean, not the other sculpture – that’s a Tenyoh creation. And while we’re at it, the painting is a Micah Bloom original.) Now I think this is a … Continue reading

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Who Threw My Cheese?

When we first set up house together – or, more specifically, I moved into the house Nathan had already been living in for a month – I discovered an unopened block of cheese in the fridge that was past its … Continue reading

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Chicken Update

Emma and Zack are both hens! We started getting eggs this summer – one or two per day, just right for a boy who likes to have fried eggs most mornings for breakfast and the occasional weekend waffle extravaganza or … Continue reading

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How Buying Two Pairs of Running Shoes and Then Donating One is a Fantastic Deal

In 2012, after I had been running regularly for a few years and began going longer distances, I rewarded myself by going to the store and getting fitted with a brand new pair of running shoes. Those New Balance Minimus shoes took me … Continue reading

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Multitasking Rubberbands

I knew I was saving those thick rubber bands that sometimes come on produce for a reason! And now I can take “jar opener” off my list of things to buy. Thanks wikihow!

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What Can You Do With Produce Stickers?

Originally posted on simple up:
As I continue to look for ways to reduce plastic in my life, one that comes up are those little stickers on our produce.  I avoid stickers when possible by shopping farmers’ markets, but during…

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Junk Mail Doodling

DISH sends us mail every week. Maybe because our house still has a DISH dish bolted to its side, left by the last owner. Until I get ambitious enough to remove the dish and hunt down DISH to get off their mailing list, I … Continue reading

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A New Chicken Chapter

Here we go again! Now that we own a house, and spring is around the corner, and the girl has been begging for a pet for months, we’re getting back into backyard chickens. We’ve had hamsters, a mouse, parakeets, a dove, … Continue reading

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