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How Buying Two Pairs of Running Shoes and Then Donating One is a Fantastic Deal

In 2012, after I had been running regularly for a few years and began going longer distances, I rewarded myself by going to the store and getting fitted with a brand new pair of running shoes. Those New Balance Minimus shoes took me … Continue reading

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kennyt Nails It

Minimalism, simplifying, decluttering – these ideas are becoming less fringe-y and more trendy. I follow a couple blogs and do a fair amount of reading and thinking (and not enough writing) on these topics, but this particular post I came across today … Continue reading

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A Global Moment Without Poverty

This recent TED Talk by Bono (U2 superstar, ever heard of him?) entertained and inspired me – for a few moments, anyway. I can’t say it ultimately encouraged or enlightened me, though. I want to believe the point he is making, … Continue reading

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What if?

Keep being creative! Here’s a great example of people using imagination and technology to reduce environmental impact:

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Hey, I know what let’s do. Let’s bust up a false dichotomy. Ooh, I’ve got one – how about “human vs. nature”? I’m thinking about birds and buffalo. Birds, most of us know, are quite resourceful nest builders. In their … Continue reading

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LivingGreen II

After a year of blog silence, I reappear to append my previous rant on greenwash. . . This morning, I emptied a container of soy milk into the pancake batter that I was making, and, according to my bad habit, … Continue reading

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They say that “Green is the new Black!”- and they are quite right! Green is the biggest thing to hit the shelves in my lifetime. The reality of a looming environmental crisis has affected our society, but between the self-destructing … Continue reading

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What is golopomo?

GO LOw-POwer MOde. Downshift your energy usage. Shrink your eco-footprint. Through this blog we intend to reflect, inspire, and educate about green(er) living. Watch for more.

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