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Junk Mail Doodling

DISH sends us mail every week. Maybe because our house still has a DISH dish bolted to its side, left by the last owner. Until I get ambitious enough to remove the dish and hunt down DISH to get off their mailing list, I … Continue reading

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In June of this year we installed a small refrigerator back into our kitchen. We lived for just about a year without a refrigerator, but we always had our chest freezer running in the garage, and for most of that … Continue reading

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Green Schmeen

I came across the text of this radio commentary in a Reader’s Digest back issue recently. It’s good for us “liberal white greenies” to have a good laugh at ourselves from time to time. I thought this did the trick: … Continue reading

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Two-plus weeks after unplugging the refrigerator, we have learned a few things. Peas do not keep well past a few days. The peas I mentioned in the last post (shelling peas, fresh in the pod), were sort of, um, forgotten … Continue reading

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It’s quiet in the kitchen while I wash the dishes tonight. Today was unplugging day. I pulled the refrigerator out from the wall and disconnected its umbilical cord from the mother grid. I removed the last of the cold stuff … Continue reading

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Losing My Cool

Six years ago we gave away our television. About the same time, away went the microwave. The clothes dryer departed four years ago, and the dishwasher disappeared last year. Now my sights are set on the refrigerator. Yes, really. Greenpa … Continue reading

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